Our approach

We help and support protected areas to improve their capacity of producing PA friendly products and services, provide market support and help them sale their products, and thereby, provide sustainable economic support to local community development and conservation work. Many aspects need to be coordinated and linked:  research, conservation, production, management, business, transportation, nature education.  This work goes beyond the capacity of the existing GPAFS’ team. The GPAFS will thus focus on improving the scientific system, establishing international cooperation, supervising the conservation outputs and providing quality control, while other relevant tasks should be conducted by the GPAFS’ strategic partners around the world to the best of their abilities and strengths.

The GPAFS thus promotes a bottom-up approach: every protected area, country or macro-region can propose standards for its products or services, based on its specific constraints. Biodiversity and ecosystems are very complex and diverse and global standards cannot be implemented homogeneously around the globe. That is why the GPAFS supports local standards, as long as these standards match the goals of the GPAFS, and in particular generate real benefits for biodiversity (the general guidelines standards should meet are detailed in the GPAFS Standard General Framework – English). The GPAFS provides a platform to scale up PA-friendly products and services and share experience. It can be seen as a network of stakeholders sharing a common goal and common tools, including online sale platforms promoting PA-friendly products and services.