Our partners

The Paradise International Foundation (Taohuayuan) was founded by prominent Chinese entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists. Jack Ma and Huateng Ma serve as co-Chairmen, Guojun Shen serves as Executive Chairman of the Foundation, which is a non-profit, global, environmental protection organization. It is committed to using scientific means, and business best practices to protect our beloved Earth.
It partnered with GPAFS to provide a guaranteed and large market for PA-friendly products.

The International Alliance of Protected Areas (IAPA) is an international organization founded in 2013 which gather PAs from around the world with similar aims as GPAFS. Several members of the Executive Committee of IAPA are also members of GPAFS and synergies between the two entities are obvious.

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) is establishing a task force to study PA-friendly products and services and GPAFS will be a core driver of this task force. GPAFS will among other things draft a report on the state of the art of PA-friendly products and services around the world.